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Champions - the American Sports Bar and Restaurant
Champions Sport Bar Restaurant is the place where Champions meet… friendship champions, business champions and why not… love champions.
Friends passionate about football, athletics, rugby, basketball or handball gather all together to watch a live competition in a delicious environment and a cheerful atmosphere.

Goool, Yess! Bravooo and some other in written non-allowed exclamations burst in front of the 27 plasma screens and 2 large screens which broadcast year-round sporting events. You will have a lot of fun no matter where you sit; all 180 seats offer perfect visibility so get your friends and have fun!

Watch your favorite football team (Steaua, Rapid, Dinamo, or… you name it) on ProTV or live transmissions and feel the electric sport atmosphere over a tasty beer and a burger.

Friendly service is always there for you to feel great. You will find the staff so pleasant, so relaxed, so charming and the menu so varied, that you only need a beer or a house-made cocktail to complete the day. Over 40 delicious items that wait for your choice: salads, sandwiches, burgers, fajitas, nachos or the famous chicken wings served as you prefer screaming, humming or singing. Desserts are also waiting for your choice: cheese cake, double chocolate cake, lime pie… hard to decide. Whatever your choice will be, we guarantee a mouthwatering experience!

One thing is certain. Champions is the place where ladies loosen their hair and gentlemen loosen up their ties. Where parents offer themselves moments of relaxation while their children have great fun at the playground. Where business partners do not negotiate, but discuss… how can you negotiate in front of an irresistible Sample Tower accompanied by a frozen pint of beer?

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